Chris Casey was born in Las Vegas, New Mexico and was raised in Albuquerque. He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in ceramics from the University of New Mexico. He works as a ceramics tech and instructor in addition to his studio practice. He lives and works in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


My pottery is adorned with lines that explore the liminal zone between the concrete and the abstract. These designs are improvised and play to our pattern-seeking brains. I tend to think of my designs like shadows cast by some unknown object. Familiar but foreign. I have no interest in directly referencing the real world, but I do like to allude to it. It's more poetic that way. I have a proclivity toward machinery and technology, so many of my designs exemplify aspects of those precise objects. I explore similar ideas with my sculpture and am focused on movement and composition by drawing lines in space. These pieces are left as solid colors in order to highlight their form.