Chris Casey was born in Las Vegas, New Mexico and was raised in Albuquerque. He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in ceramics from the University of New Mexico. He works as a ceramics tech and instructor in addition to his studio practice. He lives and works in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


I’ve always been fascinated by the transformation of a lump of clay into a ceramic object. The essence of a piece can stay the same while almost every other aspect, its color, size, weight, etc. all change throughout the process. That unpredictable and ever-changing quality keeps the medium of ceramics fresh and exciting for me. I also rely heavily on intuition by making use of bright colors and improvised abstract designs. These elements have no concrete meaning in and of themselves but can nudge the mind in different directions. It's not my aim, nor do I think it's truly even possible, to dictate meaning. I see my role as an instigator. I want to breed within the viewer the question, "Why?"